Thanksgiving at Fisherman's Wharf





From: Daniel Janson
Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2014 1:15 PM
To: various
Subject: RE: Thanksgiving

Hi family,

Thanksgiving dinner will start at ~ 4pm at Boudin's, a location that is a short walking distance from the hotel and in the main area. I am assuming the following folks at dinner. Please let me konw if I missed anyone or if there are corrections.

More info forthcoming.

Note that it is pretty easy to take public transport to get to the hotel - and there are shuttle services available. You may not want a car given the cost/challenges of parking. Roxanne and I willl send out more info on getting to the hotel from the airport.

Gobble Gobble!


Ray E family (4)
Eric & Darlene
Aaron & Greg
RKJ & Florrie
Jennifer & Rich F.
Gray family (4)
Moore family (6)
Bill & Jenny S. (2)

I forgot to ask about Friday.

We are working on some ideas for Friday since traditionally that is a time we can do some things together. Please let me know if you have any preferences - or if you are planning something different. We are likely to pick out a few San Francisco sites since all of you are coming from afar. Just like the Pilgrims.

Cuz Dan





Sent: Monday, August 25, 2014 1:36 PM
To: Wilford Janson Family
Subject: Thanksgiving is Real - Details coming

Hi All,

I think I've finally found some good Thanksgiving places for us here in San Francisco! One is being held for us, but I'm going to check out a few more in the next few days and then talk to Dan again in detail before we send it all along to you.

It would be nice to start getting a clue about how who can make it. Please let me know if you're sure you're coming, sure you're not coming, or unsure at the moment. Also remember to check with your brothers, sisters, etc., because even if they're not on this email list, they're still invited, so please let them know to get on the email list!

NOW I'm getting excited!

Roxanne Janson





From: Roxanne
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2014 4:50 PM
To: Wilford Janson Family
Subject: Thanksgiving "Official Email 1"

Hi All,

OK, it's time to start getting excited about Thanksgiving!!

1. I'm sending this to the Wilford Janson Family email list instead of clicking on email addresses. That way, we never forget anyone on the list. So, if someone didn't get this email, tell them to get on the list or check their junk folder!

2. After careful consideration (looking at lobby gathering spots, location, lots of rooms and room types, food options on the holiday weekend, etc.), Dan has selected the Sheraton at Fisherman's Wharf. Please read everything below before you call them, however.

The contract for the block has been signed and was sent earlier today, but since the person (Tara Flood) doesn't work on weekends, I think it doesn't go through until Monday (9/15). You can try now if you'd like, but if you have any problems getting that rate, please try again on Monday afternoon.

Hotel: Sheraton at Fisherman's Wharf (2500 Mason Street, San Francisco)
Reservation phone number: 1-888-627-7024
Request "Janson Family Reunion" rate

Cost: $135.00 (Single/Double occupancy) per room per night if reservation is made before October 27
$20 each additional person (max 4 per room), utilizing existing bedding
Hotel tax at 16.35% (subject to change)
Guestroom rates apply to standard Run of House accommodations
Rate guaranteed for Wed, Thur, Fri nights. Dan forgot to ask about Saturday night, and she's gone today.

PARKING IS $50 per day plus tax, and we don't think you'll need a car at this time.

If for some reason you have problems, the letter says to contact Tara Flood to check Hotel and Block availability. Again, Tara works M-F and she hasn't seen the signed letter since she's out today.

Yes, there are many other hotels there, including some fancier ones, but this seems to have the right combination of a bright lobby that we could casually gather in and chat or whatever, a place to get food for breakfast (many places are closed Thanksgiving morning), great location walking distance to most of the tourist sites you probably want to see, etc.

If you are coming earlier in the week or staying later, please let us know!

The Thanksgiving meal will be not too far away from Fisherman's Wharf. Details on that will come in another email later.

Why not near us? Well, this is your vacation, too. As much as it would be fun for us to show you our neck of the woods, we can face it: San Francisco has many more fun things for you to do and see, and it would be inconvenient for you all to be going back and forth.

We've had dozens of discussions about what would be best for the time allowed and have many ideas, but it would be great to hear some of your desires/ideas for Friday family activities if you have a preference. I don't know how many of you have been to this area, and I don't know what you've always wanted to do here, so please let us know.

Turkey Countdown is starting... :)

Roxanne Janson
American Mom LLC